Gathering Data

Human Neurology and Physiology to Bring You Consumer Thoughts

Measuring brain activity through testing your target audience for visual and sensitive stimulation. Accurately measuring the object of arousal and the emotional triggers that your product given the audience. As a result we rely on natural human responses to determine your bran messaging effectiveness eliminating the bias from any product test or focus group. This allows us to help brands connect with consumers by identifying the attentional, emotional, and cognitive drivers of campaigns.


Record cortical electrical activity of the brain on a milisecond timescale

Heart Rate

Measure heart rate variences and acceleration indicating arousal levels

Eye Tracking

Showcasing consumer attention and focus points in your product or service


Measuring the relative change in electrical conductivity between two electrodes

Neuro Services

Offering predicatability in and insights in to marketing activities through science. Helping you optimize communication strategies and materials

Report Delivery

Delivering actionable insights for customer centric resources


Identify business needs, define business issues and consulting you to make it testable


Building methodology, creating experimental designs and matching


Combine traditional and neuroscientific methods to measures and analyze data


Report with concrete specific insights on how to improve content

Neuro Science Specialists

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"Implicit research reveals what consumers are really thinking and feeling because it taps directly into the emotions and unconscious decision drivers of consumers. Traditional market research methods, such as survey research, have some well-documented weaknesses because they mainly depend on the deliberate, rational, slow system "

Daniel Kahneman - Nobel Prize Winner


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